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7 Game Online Berpenghasilan Togel HongkongJutaan Rupiah di Android dan PC

Game online sudah identik dengan permainan yang hanya menghabiskan waktu bagi orang-orang yang tidak memiliki perkerjaan.

Tapi bagi yang berifikir positif game online juga bisa menghasilkan pendapatan. Untuk mencarinya pun mudah, contoh seperti Situs BandarQ yang sudah menyediakan beberapa permainan Game judi online.

Pendapatan yang dihasilkan juga bisa mencapai jutaan rupiah. Tertarik bukan?


Nah, saatnya saya akan merekomendasikan Situs BandarQ Online yang menyediakan 7Game Online yang dimiliki WarnetQQ. Berikut daftar lengkapnya!


7 Game Online Berpenghasilan Jutaan Rupiah di Android dan PC yang dimiliki Situs WarnetQQ :









WarnetQQ ini juga bisa dikatakan sebagai game online yang sangat teraman, terbaik, dan terpercaya. Kenapa bisa dikatakan begitu? karena WarnetQQ memiliki sistem keamaan yang tinggi, Selalu menjaga privasi setiap membernya, dan itu adalah hal yang paling utama. Jika pelayanan yang diberikan bisa membuat membernya merasa nyaman, otomatis WarnetQQ akan semakin terpercaya dan aman.


Untuk lebih jelasnya saya akan menjelaskan satu persatu pengertian dari 7 game online yang saya sebutkan tadi atas, berikut penjelasannya:




BandarQ sendiri merupakan salah satu permainan yang menggunakan kartu domino. Tujuannya adalah untuk mencari kemenangan sebanyak banyaknya.

Di permainan bandarq online ini lah yang banyak dimainkan karena besar kemenangan yang didapatkan sangatlah mudah.




Poker merupakan permainan yang sangat populer dikalangannya.

Bermain menggunakan kartu remi yang berjumlah 52 kartu, dan ini merupakan game yang sangat menarik untuk dimainkan.




Meski permainan sakong ini masih dikatakan sebagai pendatang baru, tapi permainan ini cukup menarik dan sangat populer pada saat ini.

Cara bermainnya pun tidak jauh berbeda dengan permain poker dan hanya menggunakan kartu 3 buah kartu remi.




Permainan yang satu ini tidak jauh berbeda dengan permainan BandarQ online.

Masih sama menggunakan kartu domino dalam bermain, dan hanya menggunakan 2 buah kartu …

What Do You Really Know About Your Skin?

Your skin is the latest organ in your body, so there’s a lot to know about it! Here are some interesting facts and tips about your skin and how to look after it. For more tips, go to


Your skin plays an important role in regulating your temperature. When you’re hot, your body produces sweat to release heat. When the sweat evaporates off the surface of your skin, you cool down. Read more on


Freckles are caused by increased pigmentation in the top layer of the skin (epidermis). They usually develop in childhood as a result of exposure to the sun, and are most common on people with light skin and fair hair. Moles also emerge from the top layer of skin and frequently grow down into the dermis, Moles can be present at birth.


This is a sign that your body is working hard to cool you down, by bringing warm blood from your body core to the surface of your skin. If this is a problem for you, do your exercise in shorter bursts in a cool environment.


Wrinkles are not actually caused by dry skin. They are most often caused by years of unprotected exposure to the sun, combined with your genetic makeup. The loss of subcutaneous fat and thinning of the skin as a result of aging also contribute to wrinkle formation.


Underarm skin is naturally more delicate, sensitive, curvy and bumpy. In turn, it is more vulnerable to outside conditions and processes. Because of its delicate nature, underarm skin needs constant attention and maintenance to keep it functioning normally. Also you can read about “where can

Everest Backs 2010 Spanish keluar sgp Poker Tour


Hold onto your hats and grab your red capes – Everest keluar sgp Poker is gearing up for their third run at the critically acclaimed Spanish Poker Tour.

The calender consists of six events spanning the proud nation, each boasting a minimum prize pool of €150,000 guaranteed. Starting on April 9 at Madrid’s Gran Casino Aranjuez, players from all across the globe can expect a wild ride all the way up until the November 23 Grand Finale at the Gran Casino Costa Brava where €300,000 will be at stake.


All told, more than €1,000,000 in guaranteed prizes will be doled out to the playing populace.


For their part, Everest Poker has guaranteed that at least 55 seats will be handed out for each €1,000+100 main event on the SPT Tour, courtesy of their online qualifiers. While the first opportunity has passed, there is still a a good deal of time left to prepare for the next event. Starting April 28, players will have the chance to earn a seat at the luxurious Casino de Ibiza for their May14-16 tournament.

Everest has set up numerous roads for ambitious players to follow. Each week, they are offering three Direct Entry events – One held on Sunday ($336+24 awarding 5 SPT seats and a $2,500 Prize Package), one on Wednesday ($100+0 awarding 3 SPT seats and a $2,500 prize package) and a final shot each Friday ($30+3 Rebuy boasting 3 $1,500 SPT seats). All tournaments kick off at 20:30 GMT.


Those looking to travel a more adventurous path can blaze their way through Everest’s SPT Super Turbo Satellites. These will be offered all day on Sundays ($30+3) and Wednesdays ($11+1) and will send qualifiers into that day’s SPT Direct Entry event.


Still too steep? Fear not! Everest is …

keluar sgp Leaderboards – Current Leaders July 25th

Welcome back to the weekly keluar sgp update, featuring both weekly and monthly tournament leaderboards. We are mere days away from the end of July, so the monthly race is becoming more intense as players seek to earn as many points as possible during this last week. Let’s see how things have changed since last Friday.


Here are the winners from last week’s weekly leaderboard:


  1. ParliGod – 2057 pts
  2. mr_dynomite – 1850 pts
  3. alienface – 1789 pts


When I wrote last Friday, ParliGod was already in the lead for the week, so he did well to keep his top spot. Alienface managed to stay in the top 3 and moved from 2nd to 3rd by the time the week was over, and mr_dynomite had a great last few days, doubling his point total and moving up from 7th to 2nd place. BluHorseshoe, who was in 3rd last week, slid all the way down to 10th place by the end of the week.


Here are the current weekly standings:


  1. Killa_Tyven – 1431 pts
  2. Pick6man – 1251 pts
  3. Nels316 – 1175 pts
  4. andyvanslyke – 1106 pts
  5. ParliGod – 1103 pts
  6. WillyNilly – 1039 pts
  7. deadmoney627 – 976 pts
  8. Troy111 – 966 pts
  9. BlitzBurgh87 – 960 pts
  10. rstewart13aggie – 948 pts


Wait, who ARE these people? And where is alienface? Both Killa_Tyven and Pick6man are new names to me – let’s see if they stay at the top by the time the week is over. And as for alienface, he is all the way down in 29th place for the week. It will be interesting to see how this lackluster week (so far) has affected his monthly standings? The rest of the top ten for the weekly board is full of familiar names though. Andyvanslyke won a …

Indiana Supreme Court to Hear Card-counting Case

The Indiana Supreme Court will soon make a ruling that could change the way casinos do business forever. It is set to hear a case about the banning of card counters from casinos. A man named Thomas Donovan, who is an admitted card counter, was thrown out of an Indiana casino called the Grand Victoria for counting cards.

While card counting is not illegal in Indiana or any other state, casinos aren’t big fans of the technique, and getting caught doing it will often lead to a player getting kicked out of the casino and sometimes even banned from returning. Donovan, like most card counters, claims that banning the legitimate strategy of card counting is unfair, and brought a lawsuit against the casino. The court ruled in favor of the casino, but upon appeal, the appellate court ruled in favor of Donovan. The casino then appealed that decision to the state Supreme Court.

Some legal experts say that the law is on the side of the card counters, that though it may be common practice to ban card counters, it is not legal to do so. Others can argue that the casinos are privately owned and can ban any customers they like. Much is unclear, but one thing is certain, whatever the ruling is, it is sure to shake up the blackjack community.

Spokespeople for the casinos state that if the Supreme Court rules in favor of the card counters, they will have to implement more procedures to prevent the counting of cards, which they say would slow down the game and make it less enjoyable for the rest of the players.

Blackjack Strategy: Soft 18

Being soft isn’t always good. Football teams with a soft secondary give up a lot of passing yards. District Attorneys who are soft on …

Review of Sklansky on Poker

David Sklansky is one of the most well respected poker authors in the world. In my opinion, Sklansky on Poker has been unfairly one of his less popular books, as it contains some of his best writing. This book is well worth study by the aspiring poker student and deserves a wider audience than it has received.

The book is divided into four sections. The first is called “General Concepts”. This is a collection of various essays, most of which were previously published elsewhere. None of these are bad, although one or two are mediocre, but some of them are quite good. For example, the essay entitled “Have a Plan” is the first essay I know of that deals with the question of not betting into a player who will always fold unless they have one beat. Another good essay is “All Errors Are Not Created Equal”, which improved my play considerably all by itself.

The second section is called “Points of Play”. This section deals with specific hands, while the first section covers more universal concepts. “The Protected Pot” and “Saving the Last Bet” are two essays I found especially useful from this section. Of course not all of them are this good, but the quality is generally quite high.

The third section is on tournament play. There is a lot more decent Slot Gacor information on tournament play in print today when there was at the time the book as published. Still, the information in this book coupled with those essays found in Mason Malmuth’s Gambling Theory and Other Topics is better than all but a few books. The essay titled “Should You Wait” is the only place I know of where someone has tacked the often asked question about what quality hand one should take a stand …

Unique Casino

Poker is booming!

Poker is booming!Poker TV ratings are way up and climbing. Poker playing on the Internet has more than doubled in less than a year. Casinos everywhere are adding tables to their poker rooms. We know that many more people in the hinterlands are playing poker (especially hold’em) in their social gatherings than ever before. And a lot of smart money is now jumping on the poker bandwagon.

Is this just a random phenomenon? Not really. The population of the world is growing, people are living longer, and modern technology continually reduces the demand for human labor. As this new century progresses, more people will have more leisure time. Sports and gaming will probably continue to surge in popularity.

Increasing popularity and expanding global communications will probably increase the demand for international competitions. For more than 50 years, there has been an annual international contract bridge world championship, and a World Bridge Olympiad every four years. Should “intellectual games” such as poker, contract bridge, and chess become Olympic games? Or, are the Olympics for “physical sports” only? Are curling and rifle shooting physical sports? Maybe the Olympics should evolve to reflect the increasing dominance of mental over physical in our society.

In what direction is our world going? Hopefully, we have seen the last of world wars, since it seems clear that the next world war would probably be the last! Mankind, with no natural enemies, has flourished on this planet; now, it finally has a natural enemy — itself. Nuclear weapons are still threatening our existence. We have already passed our first major tests — but there probably will be others. There are still lots of crazies in the world.

Actually, we have been very lucky so far that the leaders who control nuclear weapons have been sensible enough not …

Pengeluaran SGP

Casino Togel Singapore Games: Craps


Dalam permainan dadu, pemain bertaruh apakah lemparan dadu akan menghasilkan kemenangan atau kekalahan.


Craps dimainkan dengan dua dadu. Chip poker digunakan untuk memasang taruhan.

The Shooter dan Come Out Roll

Pemain yang melempar dadu disebut penembak. Gulungan “keluar” adalah lemparan pertama si penembak.

Dua (2) Taruhan Sebelum Come Out Roll

  1. Taruhan Pass Line – Pass Line adalah taruhan uang genap. Ketika Anda membuat taruhan “pass line”, Anda bertaruh bahwa penembak AKAN berhasil. Hasil untuk gulungan “pass line” “keluar” adalah sebagai berikut…


Gulungan “Keluar” (Gulungan Pertama)


7 atau 11 (“Alami”)

Pemain Menang

2, 3, atau 12 (“Omong kosong”)

Pemain Kalah

4, 5, 6, 8, 9, atau 10 (“Titik”)

Pemain menang: jika penembak melempar nomor “titik” lagi sebelum 7.

Pemain kalah: jika angka 7 dilempar sebelum angka “titik”.

Misalnya, jika lemparan “Keluar” si penembak adalah angka delapan yang akan menjadi poin “Togel Singapura”, si penembak akan terus menggelinding sampai angka delapan atau tujuh dilempar. Gulungan delapan kemenangan, gulungan tujuh kekalahan – disebut “tujuh-out”. Semua gulungan intervensi tidak relevan dengan Pengeluaran SGP taruhan “Lulus Garis”. Setelah tujuh atau poin telah digulirkan, gulungan berikutnya menjadi gulungan keluar yang baru.

  1. Taruhan Don’t Pass Line – Taruhan Don’t Pass Line adalah taruhan uang genap. Saat Anda membuat taruhan “jangan lewati garis”, Anda bertaruh bahwa penembak TIDAK AKAN berhasil. Kebalikan dari taruhan “pass line” kecuali menggulirkan 12 seri (“push”), ketika Anda membuat taruhan “jangan lulus”, jika roll keluar adalah …

Gulungan “Keluar” (Gulungan Pertama)


7 atau 11 (“Alami”)

Pemain Kalah

2, 3, atau 12 (“Omong kosong”)

Pemain Menang



Anda menang setelah lemparan pertama jika penembak mendapatkan angka tujuh sebelum membuat poinnya. Namun, Anda kalah jika penembak berhasil menyampaikan maksudnya. Misalnya, jika lemparan “Come Out” penembak adalah delapan, penembak terus berguling sampai delapan atau tujuh digulingkan. Gulungan delapan kalah, gulungan tujuh …

It cost plenty for a shot at slot immortality in Link Alternatif Sbobet

Which machines have a more reasonable chance of winning? A Megabucks progressive, or the typical slot machine? Caroline R.

If you are looking for the life-altering big score, Megabucks will give you a miniscule chance at champagne wishes and caviar dreams. Megabucks’progressive bonus allows you to fantasize about beating the odds of 30,000,000 to one. By the way, Caroline, your state lottery is a much better wager.


Personally, I prefer “straight multiplier” or “equal distribution” machines. Examples of them would be IGT’s Red, White and Blue slot machine or their Double Diamond product.


Typically a Megabucks machine keeps at least 10 percent of every dollar played, whereas a Red, White and Blue dollar slot machine can keep less than three percent in certain gaming jurisdictions. Where Megabucks shakes you down on the smaller payoffs, playing a straight multiplier keeps you in play longer by doling out low-end jackpots.


Dear Mark,

My brother diligently reads your column weekly. The problem is, when he enters a casino, he reverts back to his old habits and makes wacky bets at craps, misplays far too many blackjack hands, and even plays the Big 6. I guess the saying is true: “You canšt turn a mule into a race horse.” Jim M.


There is a real problem with getting the darn horses (gamblers like your bro) to drink; you can lead ’em to water, but you can’t make them sip from the trough.


What I hope my column does for them is to stir up a little thirst for some casino smarts. At least hešs reading; tutelage has begun.


Dear Mark,

At our weekly poker get-together, our host pulled out a deck of cards from the Rio in Las Vegas. They were the most intriguing cards I have ever …

Translation Services UK

Creative Writing Lesson Plans at Translation Services UK

Creative writing is taught throughout your child’s school years and it is both a fun and important part of their education. Creative writing can help grow their imagination as well as improve their English writing and reading skills.

In this guide we shall look at creative writing lesson plans and where you can find them and how you can put them together. Whether you are a teacher or you teach your children from home – this guide will be useful in helping you help your kids improve their creative writing skills.

Lesson Plans 1

What is the Purpose of Creative Writing Lesson Plans?

When teaching a class or your child at home you only have a limited amount of time to teach them as much as you possibly can. By having a lesson plan you can structure your time to teach them everything that you want in a fun and exciting way.

Many children aren’t very keen to learn and it can be very difficult to get them interested and involved in your class. However, the right lesson plan will make them forget that they are learning something and enjoy your class.

Creative writing is meant to be fun and fortunately it is one of the easiest classes to create fun and exciting lesson plans for.

Lesson Plans 2

Where Can You Find Creative Writing Lesson Plans?

These days the internet has become one of most useful resources for almost anything – including creative writing lessons plans! More about Translation Services UK

There are hundreds of websites specifically designed both for teachers and children who are taught at home. They are usually created and maintained by parents and teachers who upload their personal creative writing lesson plans for you to view and download.

Plenty of websites are free however there …


The Singularity University and CNBC are hosting the Exponential Finance 2015 conference n New York, on June 2-3. The conference examines how rapidly accelerating technologies such as artificial intelligence, quantum computing, crowdfunding, digital currencies and robotics are rapidly disrupting businesses throughout the financial industry.


The Singularity University, based at Moffett Federal Airfield in California and sponsored by high-profile high-tech firms including Google, is an educational center dedicated to world-changing applications of disruptive, exponentially accelerating technologies.


The conference program features an impressive set of high-profile speakers including Blythe Masters, the former J.P. Morgan star who now leads Digital Asset Holdings, a technology company that uses distributed digital ledgers tao address operational challenges and settlement latency in both digital and mainstream financial assets. Masters’ presentation, titled “Blockchain: The Financial Challenge of Our Time,” has been featured in a CNBC article titled “Why financial firms are investigating bitcoin tech.” Learn more about SKYBLOCK COINS SHOP


Masters discussed why major financial institutions and their regulators should explore the potential for technologies like the blockchain. She also examined how distributed ledger technologies can help make financial transactions more transparent, efficient and secure with thoughtful protection and collaboration by the industry. A video clip of Masters’ presentation is available online.


According to Masters, the technological innovation behind Bitcoin has the potential to empower the existing financial world, not just disrupt banks out of existence as some have foretold.


“There is a school of libertarian ‘visionaries’ who want to imagine a world without big banks, big governments,” she said in a recent interview. “That’s nice, but completely irrelevant to [Digital Asset Holdings’] business model. We don’t imagine a world in which big banks and big governments don’t exist.”


Masters said at Exponential Finance 2015 that Bitcoin’s underlying technology has the opportunity …