wm Still working at it…. 1


….and seeing some better results. Well, other than running my 10-10 into Kat’s A-A in the Hoyazo last night at a most inopportune time. What are you gonna do? I felt like she would lay down a less than stellar hand there to my wm , but when you’re holding pocket rockets, well, I don’t see me folding my 10’s there, no how, no way. Well played and just a bit of bad luck on my part. I went out 9th I think, first one gone from the final table, although the play was final-table tough throughout the tournament. I got lucky and flopped a straight on SirFWalgman fairly early and chipped up nicely and basically folded and stole my way to the final table. I didn’t stay up to see who won it, but the final table was a who’s who of poker bloggers.

My own little “qualifiers” for the Hoyazo went well last night. As you know, a $20 + 2 tournament is on the outer reaches of my comfortable buy-in levels and I decided last night that I would grind away at the $5 SNG’s in hopes of providing myself the buy-in beforehand. I played three SNG’s and won two of them, so I came out ahead even though I didn’t make the money in the home game. I spent a total of $38.50 (including the Hoyazo) and cashed out a whopping $45.00. That’s a grand total of $7.50 in pure profit baby! Woot! It sure seems like a wee bit of profit for about 5 hours of grinding, but this guy will take it at this point.

I also took 2nd in a SNG at Full Tilt prior to the tournament, so all in all, things are looking up. I was pretty pleased with my play last night, save for pushing against pocket Aces, and made pretty solid decisions the entire time. One of my heads up opponents last night at Stars was a true horseshoe-up-the-ass flaming lemur! Early on in the tournament, after limping in with 10-10, I slow-played a turned full house to perfection and doubled up off of him. Later, after a few people had gone out, I managed to suck out a straight on the river, earning “you’re a fish” from our genius friend. After taking a commanding lead heads up, I called his all-in with K-J vs his K-9, but a rivered 9 doubled him up and brought us back to around even. I proceeded to chop away at him with my new-found aggressive heads-up strategy and eventually wore him down, giving him one of his own “lol, gg” before he was gone. It’s always nice to beat folks that truly think they are better than you and this guy was no exception. It also never hurts when someone gifts you their whole stack after flopping top pair with a shitty kicker.

The new DADI information is available at the web-site and I am going to try to stick a banner up over on the right some time tonight. No promises about that and if something happens to all my links, you will know what happened. I’ll have to place an emergency phone call to North Carolina or Canada for a little tutorial on how to do it the right way.

Thanks for stopping by and if my “qualifiers” go well tonight, you just might see me at the WWdN.