What is rake back

Stop Leaving Your Money On the Table! I can’t believe how many players don’t use 먹튀검증업 rake back? Some don’t even know what it is. If you are not using a rake back program you are leaving money on the table. Do you remember the saying… take care of the pennies and the dollars take care of themselves? Well for most players it is not just pennies they are missing out on.. It is sometimes in the thousands..


Rake Back is simple. You generate rake (income for the poker site) and if you don’t request it back, you don’t get it back! What most people don’t know is that poker sites give you a large portion of your rake back if you ask. This is much like a casino players club card. Only instead of dinner they PAY CASH!

We have created an easy system that allows you to view the rake you have accumulated and cash it out whenever you want!

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Shearing the Sheep

A quick note – The companion video to this blog will be up here on RPT soon. I have already submitted it, so you should see it within the next few days. It is entitled Shearing the Sheep and is a heads up 5/10 game on Full Tilt.Though the concept has been discussed by some serious players, very few people seem to understand how shearing the sheep (rather than slaughtering it) works.

The simple idea that if you don’t break a guy now you might be able to get some money from him every payday is an easy one, but online it is rarely useful. There are more fish out there, and one will be along soon if you break the one you have sitting across from you. Online, shearing the sheep is often about giving up very small edges in order to keep the large ones.

If you find that an opponent is folding his blinds often enough in a heads up match that it would be profitable to steal from him every hand should you do so? Probably not. While he may fold often enough to make raising with 84o profitable for this hand there is a larger picture to consider. Anyone who is folding that many blinds is a wonderful opponent, and you don’t want them to change. If you start raising every hand they will definitely adjust, especially in a heads up match.

A player who is making a mistake that large probably tends toward that mistake as a personality trait. If you don’t teach them with quick and harsh lessons they will never adjust and you can get all of their money instead of that few cents of equity you might make by raising with your 84o from the button. If you can get them to fold their blind most of the time when you raise, and you can keep showing them the occasional time when you fold as well, they will never change.

If you find a player who always slowplays their monster hands and bets right out with their medium strength hands you can apply the same concept. Abuse the tendency just often enough to make a solid profit, but not at every oppurtunity. It’s like using a tell to bluff a guy out of a pot. If you use that tell every time they will quickly realize they have it and do something to eliminate the problem. If you only use it when you need it you might leave them with that tell forever, always wondering why it is that you never lose to them over a long session.

Particularly when playing heads up, you don’t want to alert your opponent to the holes in their game if you don’t have to. Let them think that a bad run of cards has put you ahead and they will stick around and maybe even rebuy. If you attacked their weakness with no mercy and showed it to them they would either learn or leave, and those are the two things you don’t want your fish to do.