wm Still working at it…. 1


….and seeing some better results. Well, other than running my 10-10 into Kat’s A-A in the Hoyazo last night at a most inopportune time. What are you gonna do? I felt like she would lay down a less than stellar hand there to my wm , but when you’re holding pocket rockets, well, I don’t see me folding my 10’s there, no how, no way. Well played and just a bit of bad luck on my part. I went out 9th I think, first one gone from the final table, although the play was final-table tough throughout the tournament. I got lucky and flopped a straight on SirFWalgman fairly early and chipped up nicely and basically folded and stole my way to the final table. I didn’t stay up to see who won it, but the final table was a who’s who of poker bloggers.

My own little “qualifiers” for the Hoyazo went well last night. As you know, a $20 + 2 tournament is on the outer reaches of my comfortable buy-in levels and I decided last night that I would grind away at the $5 SNG’s in hopes of providing myself the buy-in beforehand. I played three SNG’s and won two of them, so I came out ahead even though I didn’t make the money in the home game. I spent a total of $38.50 (including the Hoyazo) and cashed out a whopping $45.00. That’s a grand total of $7.50 in pure profit baby! Woot! It sure seems like a wee bit of profit for about 5 hours of grinding, but this guy will take it at this point.

I also took 2nd in a SNG at Full Tilt prior to the tournament, so all in all, things are looking up. I was pretty pleased with my …