Make Money Online as an Affiliate:


How I Dominated PPC Advertising and Grossed $10,000 in 1 Month – “Affiliate Christmas”

“written based on experience not just research and articles”

Author’s Note: This stuff really works. You can make steady money all year round but Christmas is when you can really bank.

I netted over $6,450 in December 2012 thanks to the Amazon Affiliate Program and PPC advertising.

I turned to PPC arbitrage because Google killed my sites in the search engines. To be fair, I was paying outsourcers to build anchor text links. Anyways, what’s important is I found another way to make money – and this one is more steady.

I actually stumbled into this a little bit by accident. I heard my dad blabbing on and on about some new tech gadgets for Christmas and decided to try advertising those products.

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I didn’t know this would work…

I just tried something no one else was. A lot of people could have been doing the exact same thing but I’d guess there were maybe 10-15 others at most.

You could say I got lucky but that’s not quite true. I try a lot of stuff just to see what works.

A lot of time my experiments fail but I know all it takes is one quick hit on the Internet and you can make a lot of money really fast.

I used Amazon’s affiliate program to make almost all the money. What makes that surprising is I actually hated using Amazon’s affiliate ads before this.

I used to think the Amazon Affiliate program sucked. Every time I put Amazon on one of my sites previously, I never made more money than Google Adsense.

But I kept reading how people were making thousands with Amazon and …