The Problem With Singapore Online Casino Bonuses



In the wake of the Golden Palace, Player’s Fortune, Playboys Casino and Rated Player disasters, players and operators are re-examining the value of promotional bonuses.


It started innocuously enough. Small cash inducements to open a casino account and gamble. Then came percentage bonuses based on the initial deposit, and after that the “bonus business” went ballistic.


Reflecting an ever more competitive industry, online casinos have been vying with each other ever since, not only to offer bigger and better promos, but to evolve increasingly complex rules and interpretations to defend themselves against bonus abusers and the losses inherent in badly calculated offers.


Ironically, some of those protective measures create more friction and antipathy between operator and player than is desirable or necessary.


Most players like bonuses. What’s not to like about someone giving you cash to do something you find entertaining and at times profitable?


What players don’t like is being called bonus abusers, being jerked around on the rules and most of all being made to wait for payments.


On the other side of the fence, the operators – at least originally – offered bonuses in the hope that players would favor their casinos and become regular clients. Yet a situation has now been created where many players click from one casino to the next playing the lucrative bonus trail and do not always return.


Add to the mix the growing number of truly skilled Singapore Online Casino players, the high (97 – 98 percent) casino payout percentages and the ever-present threat of downright criminal “abusers” sometimes operating in gangs, and you have a scenario guaranteed to strike caution into the heart of even the toughest operator and substantially reduce the legendary casino “edge”.


Disappointed operators are pressured by …