It cost plenty for a shot at slot immortality in Link Alternatif Sbobet

Which machines have a more reasonable chance of winning? A Megabucks progressive, or the typical slot machine? Caroline R.

If you are looking for the life-altering big score, Megabucks will give you a miniscule chance at champagne wishes and caviar dreams. Megabucks’progressive bonus allows you to fantasize about beating the odds of 30,000,000 to one. By the way, Caroline, your state lottery is a much better wager.


Personally, I prefer “straight multiplier” or “equal distribution” machines. Examples of them would be IGT’s Red, White and Blue slot machine or their Double Diamond product.


Typically a Megabucks machine keeps at least 10 percent of every dollar played, whereas a Red, White and Blue dollar slot machine can keep less than three percent in certain gaming jurisdictions. Where Megabucks shakes you down on the smaller payoffs, playing a straight multiplier keeps you in play longer by doling out low-end jackpots.


Dear Mark,

My brother diligently reads your column weekly. The problem is, when he enters a casino, he reverts back to his old habits and makes wacky bets at craps, misplays far too many blackjack hands, and even plays the Big 6. I guess the saying is true: “You canšt turn a mule into a race horse.” Jim M.


There is a real problem with getting the darn horses (gamblers like your bro) to drink; you can lead ’em to water, but you can’t make them sip from the trough.


What I hope my column does for them is to stir up a little thirst for some casino smarts. At least hešs reading; tutelage has begun.


Dear Mark,

At our weekly poker get-together, our host pulled out a deck of cards from the Rio in Las Vegas. They were the most intriguing cards I have ever …