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It’s not uncommon to hear that craps is one of the hardest games to get your head around, but it doesn’t have to be. Although walking up to a craps table in the casino can be a harrowing experience, with the stickman yelling crazy stuff out that everyone else seems to understand, and the dice flying a mile a minute. No worries, all that talk is just slang trying to get the high rollers to place more bets. You needn’t worry about the cryptic slang surrounding the game, or the craps board for that matter, as crazy looking as it is. Once you know the basics, craps much simpler to understand than you might think.


Our craps guide will talk you through the major bets at the table, which are the only ones you’re ever going to want to make, because the rest all have a high house edge. In fact, you can learn to play as well as the best at the table in about five minutes, seriously! The complicated bets and hedging that many craps fans enjoy are not actually advantageous to the bottom line. Playing the pass line bets, along with a small selection of other offerings, are the only smart bets on the board, and learning to stick with them may be the hardest part of learning to play craps.


Craps TableAs you can see from our craps table picture, the middle and one end of the board are the only things which hold any significance. This is because of the fact that a craps table is double the length it needs to be, with each end being a mirror image of the opposite. Craps players stand around the entire table in a land based casino and since everyone can be a …