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There is nothing sinister in the fact that our first 41 Seal awards went to Microgaming powered 먹튀사이– these happened to be the first groups to apply and submit to inspection. Other casinos are currently undergoing the process, and yet others are about to start. By the end of this year there will be a significant number of Seal casinos available to players from different software providers.

Finally, much of the testing and monitoring is in the hands of a totally independent and completely professional third party – the internationally respected audit group PricewaterhouseCoopers.

MD: There is an obvious emphasis here on the respectability and credentials of the casinos, the Board and the auditing company. Why do you believe that will be sufficient to convince the players to believe in eCOGRA’s certification process?

♠ AB: An enormous amount of effort has gone into making sure that the best people and organizations suited to their respective functions are involved in eCOGRA. For example, the independent directors have each been carefully selected based on their integrity, industry experience and ability to remain independent. On top of this we’ve tried to create the right structure and constitution, which will enable these people to fulfill their responsibilities properly and achieve the organization’s objectives. We’re also keen to make ongoing improvements wherever these are identified.

This is the groundwork and the next step is to communicate to the players of the advantages of playing at eCOGRA approved casinos. Promotional activities and awareness campaigns are being planned, and I can assure you that there will be considerable future effort in this area.

MD: The eCOGRA site states that “eCOGRA advocates an ‘outcome-based verification’ approach” to verification which is quite unlike the source code testing commonly adopted by the land-based gaming industry. For the …