New Multilingual Online Poker Rooms and Togel Singapore



There are seven online poker rooms that offer multilingual software. There are seven trustworthy sites that are multilingual, plus there are a few more but I wouldn’t play on them. Most have been around quite awhile, but new ones are starting to pop up. has only been a round a short time, since 2006, and they offer software in 17 different languages. has been around since 2005 and they offer poker in 12 different languages. Languages that the software supports are French, Spanish, Italian, Swedish, German, Japanese, Czech, Danish, Norwegian, Polish, Icelandic and Finnish.


Most multilingual sites won’t offer action to Americans. does, but that’s about it. Not that multilingual rooms are desired in the States anyway, it’s mainly a European feature that hadn’t really been important to players until the game became so popular over there. Multilingual software will become the norm for most sites in the future.


Once you’ve played enough Texas Holdem, most players look to expand their poker horizons. Omaha variations of the game are the usual route of expansion for players, with pot-limit Omaha being the most popular. These variations have had limited information available on strategy and theory, until now. has launched a website that is dedicated to providing information and discussion for Omaha variations. The main focus is on pot-limit Omaha for now, but expansion is sure to follow. We can expect to eventually see more information on Hi/Lo versions as well.


There is already a wealth of Omaha information available there. There’s an open forum that’s not too busy yet, and a good blog that’s up to date. The information ranges from simple starting-hand selection theory to advanced draw articles. The site could be a little more organized, but they claim they’re committed to doing that as they develop.


Josh Arieh vs. David Williams: Who’s Better?


To compare which is the better poker player between Josh Arieh  and David Williams we would first have to look at their playing records. These records show the differences in their results over the last eight years, which is how long both have been around the poker scene:


The two are close in their careers but David Williams has a sizable lead in the prize-money department, and that’s because of his second-place finish in the WSOP main event in 2004 ($3.5M). Arieh has more WSOP bracelets, but those are the only tournaments he has won outright.


I would give the edge to Williams, but both players are highly effective. Josh Arieh is underrated in my opinion, but I’m sure his reputation will grow if he can add more wins to his stats.


Boris Becker – Tennis Pro Turned Poker Pro?


What do tennis players do at Wimbledon during those interminable rain delays? Poker, according to Boris Becker from Togel Singapore 


The three-time Wimbledon champ recently told German newspaper Die Welt that he is  joining the professional poker circuit. Back in November, Becker signed up with Team PokerStars with an eye on playing in the European Poker Tour. Next month, he hopes to get a shot at the Grand Final in Monte Carlo.


It’s all about the psychology of the game for Becker, which fits his personality as one of the more cerebral and emotional tennis players of his or any era. Becker also happens to be the son of an architect, and when he isn’t running one of his successful businesses, Becker sits on the advisory board of German soccer club Bayern Munich.


Given his track record, Becker should thrive on the poker tour – unless the distraction of an Isabelle Mercier or Team Bodog’s own Evelyn Ng leads him astray.


Bodog Poker Open Main Event Winner


First place at the inaugural Bodog Poker Open Main Event went to Shawn “phatcat” Luman earning him $76,280.


Online poker players came out last night to the $500 buy-in which generated the largest prize pool in Bodog Poker history at just over $280,000. With a 596 entrant field winning wasn’t a cake walk.


At the final table sat Michael “_TheFinisher_” Berra (2nd – $45,768), Jared “TheWacoKidd” Hamby (3rd – $29,138.96), Stuart “zpaceman” Taylor (4th – 21,358.40), Bodog regular “CK3″ (5th – 16,781.60), up-and-coming online poker player “Anbessa” (6th – $13,730.40), Brian “PSP_addict” Bauer (8th – $7,933.12) and Eric “Eeman2004″ Revak (9th – $5,187.04).


This event was unique and valuable event for online poker players and over the course of the event drew out over 18,000 to join in the fun. High caliber players also came out to participate such as Annette “Annette_15″ Obrestad, Garret “GBecks” Beckman, Marco “CrazyMarco” Johnson, Smith “nevertilt22″ Collins and Kevin “beLOWaBOVe” Saul


Bodog Poker Open


The inaugural Bodog Poker Open got underway yesterday with event #1 No-Limit $250+20. This is Bodog’s first big set of online tournaments, which will run for six days from the 3rd of March to the 9th. Bodog will add on $10,000 to each preliminary event, and another $25,000 on the $500 main event slated for the 9th. The winner also receives an engraved $4500 watch from Omega Speed Master as a kick-ass trophy.


The tournaments feature a good mix of holdem action, and Bodog is offering great satellite options for all events. They are giving away 20 seats per night per tournament, and they will run until the 8th.


The rest of the events are:


March 4th     #2 NL 6-Handed $300+25 $10,000

March 5th     #3 Rebuy (NL) $100+10 $10,000

March 6th     #4 Pot-Limit $200+15 $10,000

March 7th      #5 Limit $150+10 $10,000

March 8th        — various satellites —

March 9th     #6 NL Main Event $470+30 $25,000


Bodog Launches Bodog Poker Open Main Event Satellites


PRESS RELEASE — With the biggest online poker tournament in Bodog history, the Bodog Poker Open, quickly approaching, Bodog is giving its online players even more ways to qualify for the series’ championship event, the $500 buy-in Bodog Poker Open Main Event, scheduled for Sunday, March 9 at 4 p.m. ET.


Starting today, Bodog is hosting a BPO Main Event Satellite every weekday night (Monday through Friday) at 8:35 PM EST, with 20 seats to the BPO Main Event guaranteed in each tournament, regardless of how many players are registered. A total of 200 seats will be awarded through the the BPO Main Event Satellites between now and Friday, March 7.


BPO Main Event Semifinal Schedule is as follows:


Feb 25 – BPO Main Event Satellite – $40+4 buy-in

Feb 26 – BPO Main Event Satellite – $50+5 buy-in

Feb 27 – BPO Main Event Satellite – $69+6 buy-in

Feb 28 – BPO Main Event Satellite – $40+4 buy-in

Feb 29 – BPO Main Event Satellite – $50+5 buy-in

Mar 3 – BPO Main Event Satellite – $40+4 buy-in

Mar 4 – BPO Main Event Satellite – $50+5 buy-in

Mar 5 – BPO Main Event Satellite – $69+6 buy-in

Mar 6 – BPO Main Event Satellite – $40+4 buy-in

Mar 7 – BPO Main Event Satellite – $50+5 buy-in


Starting on Monday, March 3, the BPO will feature five preliminary events, all leading up to the series’ championship, the $500 buy-in BPO Main Event, held on Sunday, March 9 at 4:00 PM ET . There, the inaugural Bodog Poker Champion will be crowned and walk away with the top cash prize and an engraved Omega Speedmaster watch.


Always eager to sweeten the pot for its online poker players, Bodog Poker will add a total of $75,000 in additional money to the BPO’s prize pools, creating a larger prize pool to each tournament and giving players an exceptional value for their buy-ins.


Each of the BPO’s preliminary events will feature a different buy-in amount and format of Texas Hold’em, including No Limit, Pot Limit, Limit, No Limit with rebuysand Six-Handed No Limit. Players can buy directly into any of the events with cash or Bodog Tournament Credits or win their way in through any number of low-cost satellites starting on Monday, Feb. 11. Winners of the preliminary events will win entry to the BPO Main Event in addition to their tournament winnings.