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How I Dominated PPC Advertising and Grossed $10,000 in 1 Month – “Affiliate Christmas”

“written based on experience not just research and articles”

Author’s Note: This stuff really works. You can make steady money all year round but Christmas is when you can really bank.

I netted over $6,450 in December 2012 thanks to the Amazon Affiliate Program and PPC advertising.

I turned to PPC arbitrage because Google killed my sites in the search engines. To be fair, I was paying outsourcers to build anchor text links. Anyways, what’s important is I found another way to make money – and this one is more steady.

I actually stumbled into this a little bit by accident. I heard my dad blabbing on and on about some new tech gadgets for Christmas and decided to try advertising those products.

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I didn’t know this would work…

I just tried something no one else was. A lot of people could have been doing the exact same thing but I’d guess there were maybe 10-15 others at most.

You could say I got lucky but that’s not quite true. I try a lot of stuff just to see what works.

A lot of time my experiments fail but I know all it takes is one quick hit on the Internet and you can make a lot of money really fast.

I used Amazon’s affiliate program to make almost all the money. What makes that surprising is I actually hated using Amazon’s affiliate ads before this.

I used to think the Amazon Affiliate program sucked. Every time I put Amazon on one of my sites previously, I never made more money than Google Adsense.

But I kept reading how people were making thousands with Amazon and I thought I had to give it another chance; There had to be something I was missing.

Fast forward and now it’s the reverse. I make way more money with Amazon than I do anything else. It took this PPC experiment to really figure out how to leverage Amazon ads and really make money from them – despite the 24 hour cookie.

You’re going to get the secrets, the tricks, the kitchen sink…

Everything that I did to make my ridiculous ROI, I’ll show you in this book.

My favorite part about PPC Advertising, PPC Arbitrage, and making money with Amazon Affiliate is it all boils down to the cold hard numbers. Nothing else matters.

If you can make the numbers work, you can make passive income for a long, long time. Not nearly as much as you’ll make during Christmas but really steady money.

It comes down to testing different niches. If you get fancy, you can even test different website layouts.

Important: I Took Action

The most success I’ve had and the most money I’ve made in Internet Marketing is when I took action and asked questions later. Of course I made a ton of mistakes but I figured them out as I went along. If you sit back and wait for all the conditions to be perfect, you’ll pay for hesitating.

Don’t assume everything based on what you read or hear. Let your experience guide you.

$6,500 in a Month, ‘Nuf Said

If I can make $6,500 clear in one month with 40 hours of work, I think that’s a pretty good sign there’s still plenty of money to be made if you’re willing to put in a little time and effort.

If you read this book, you can guess and check your way into some niches that make a passive income.

Yeah, it’ll take a little startup capital and a few dozen man hours but that’s really all you need. If you’re not willing to do that, then you’re not serious about making money.

100% Money Back Guarantee

I put this here so you aren’t afraid to try this book out.

The truth is this book is awesome. If you don’t love this book, you a 7 day, NO BS money-back guarantee.