How to Get Hair Shiny and Smooth as Glass | Botox near me West Hollywood


To my delight, the last time I got a haircut, I walked out of the salon with glossy, silky, smooth-as-glass locks framing my face. Never had my hair felt so soft nor looked so shiny! Seriously,… We recommend you to check out this website–  to learn about their “Botox near me West Hollywood” services.

Step1. Before you even step in the shower, work any tangles out with a wide-tooth comb. While in the shower, wash with your favorite straightening shampoo. After rinsing out the shampoo, work in either Neutrogena Triple Moisture Daily Deep Conditioner or Neutrogena Triple Moisture Deep Recovery Hair Mask. For extra silky hair, go with the mask!

Step 2

Blot excess moisture from hair with a towel. Spritz on Sunsilk’s Therma Shine Detangling Spray and comb through.

Step 3

Apply an anti-frizz heat-protecting serum to the ends of the hair only. I recommend John Frieda’s Thermal Protection Hair Serum. Then apply a small dollop of volumizing mousse to the roots on the very top of your hair.

Step 4

Clip the top half of your hair up and begin drying the bottom half of your hair. In small sections, brush through and dry with a round styling brush. If you’ve ever gotten a round brush tangled in your hair, try Goody’s Ouchless Ceramic styling brush. It’s got a little button on top that completely retracts the bristles if you get snagged up.

Step 5

Take down the top section of hair and dry. Add volume to the crown by blasting the roots with the dryer while holding hair up and taut with the brush.

Step 6

After hair is dry, it’s time to pull out the big guns! All this time, I’ve been trying to run a curling iron through my hair to straighten it out. Evidently, a curling iron is better suited to add curl, while a straightening iron with smooth ceramic plates is the best tool to iron out all your kinks … who would’ve thought?? So I picked up the Conair Infiniti Solid Ceramic Straightener and am now addicted. Quickly run the iron over small sections of hair to instantly smooth frizzies and add shine.

Step 7

Finish by spraying a little hairspray into your palms, and running lightly over the top layer of hair.


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Wet your hair thoroughly and squeeze excess water out of your hair.

Step 2

Shampoo your hair , being sure to scrub your cuticles and hair follicles. Don’t be afraid to scrub as this helps the hair grow, and releases your natural oils which makes your hair look healthier, softer and smoother.

Step 3

Make sure all shampoo is rinsed in warm or hot water. Squeeze excess water out of your hair, if you towel dry before conditioning, it’s even better.

Step 4

Massage smoothing conditioner into your hair and scalp . The conditioner will help soften and moisturize your curls should you choose not to iron.

Step 5

Turn your shower to as cool of water as you can handle, and rinse your hair thoroughly. The cool water closes the cuticle of the hair follicle , leaving the moisture and smoothing conditioner where you need it–in your hair.

Step 6

You can turn the water back to warm, but do not warm your head if at all possible.

Step 7

Once you are dried off and ready to begin on your towel-dried hair start with the oil leave-in therapy, by massaging six to 10 pumps (depending on hair length and thickness) into your hair and scalp. This is the next step in moisture being kept in your hair. Pay close attention to the driest parts of your hair. If necessary, use more oil so you can feel the difference in your hair.

Step 8

Put about a quarter size of the leave-in smoothing crème into your palm, and massage throughout your hair, paying closer attention to the driest parts of your hair. A good smoothing crème will leave curls soft and manageable, but will also allow for excellent ironing should you choose once your hair is dry.

Step 9

If you are looking to keep your curls, style your hair at this point and finish with the finishing spray. Your curls will be softer and bouncier, with more control than frizz. If you are going to iron your hair, dry your hair first. The best way to do this is to air dry. Do not add extra heat to your hair than necessary.

Step 10

If ironing your hair begin by putting hair in a ponytail or clip in sections easiest for you to manage. The easiest way for one person to iron is a ponytail. Starting at the base of the neck, work your way around each layer of hair until you get to the top. If you start at the top first, you’ll be battling with keeping the straight hairs out of the curly ones.

Step 11

When getting sections of hair to iron, do not grab big sections. If you work in small sections at a time, you will have less time that the heat is on each hair, as it is distributed more evenly with less hair involved, and therefore needs less time in the iron.

Step 12

If you are able, use a comb with each section of hair you are ironing, follow the comb with the iron through the section. This will help also in the distribution of the heat to the hair.

Step 13

To finish off your style, use a curling iron or hot air brush-iron that is vented. It doesn’t put the burn on your hair like the iron, and the vented helps keep the moisture in your hair, not fried out. Spray with finishing spray to keep your style and softness.