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On average, Americans gain a pound or two during over the holiday season.

Now this may not seem like a lot, but it all ads up in the end… and even a couple pounds of weigh gain is no way to start the new year for those of us with weight loss resolution. If you need more related services or best “Liposuction near me NYC ” consulting, visit this website today –

Here are 6 tips for keeping the holiday weight to a minimum:

-Eat regular meals. There will be all sorts of delicious holiday foods to tempt you, and while it might seem counter intuitive, eating a substantial (but sensible) breakfast and lunch can keep you from raiding the holiday party buffet.

-Bring something healthy to the holiday party. Many see holiday time as an opportunity to make their most lushes dish – one that usually contain lots of calories. So why not go against the grain and make a healthy dish. This way you’ll know there will be at least one healthy option at the party.

-Remember drinks have calories too! We sometimes can forget that the holiday drinks can pack as much calories as holiday dishes. Eggnog for instance has around 200 calories per 4-ounce serving. Liquids can make you feel not as full as food usually does, so it’s easy to consume more calories than realize.

-Use a smaller portions. Smaller plates offer a sort of optical illusion which can make a smaller amount of food more substantial. Also, a littler plate will cut down on the amount of food you eat because you simply can’t the same amount of food on the dish.

-Take your fiber. Eating high fiber foods first will not only take the edge off hunger, but fiber will also absorb water and make you feel fuller.

-Eat slowly. Take your time eating. Be sure to take lots of sips of water, talk a lot, and enjoy the food at a leisurely pace. It takes about 15 to 20 minutes for your brain to get the signals that the stomach has had enough. Always take at least 15 minutes before even thinking about seconds.


Researchers from the University of Colorado, Boulder and Humboldt State University carried out a study that reveals some unexpected benefits for older adults who jog.

The study observed adults over age 65 – some walking for exercise while others ran for exercise. What they found was this: people who ran three times a week for 30 minutes apiece were not as likely to suffer with age-related physical debility in walking ability as those folks who just walked to get their exercise.

According to the study, self-reported older runners (joggers) could efficiently walk 10 percent more than the self-reported people who didn’t walk or only walked for their exercise. It also found that runners’ metabolic rates were similar to 20-somethings.

The study’s participants were then asked to walk using a treadmill with three various speeds – 1.6, 2.8 and 3.9 miles per hour). Researchers wanted to measure their carbon dioxide production and their oxygen consumption.

Scientists are unsure what it is that makes joggers experience a better efficiency rate than walkers, but feel it could be related to the mitochondria that’s in their cells. And, evidence points out that people who work out regularly and intensely have far better mitochondria in their muscles.

Additional studies are in the works to look at whether or not high-aerobic exercise – cycling and swimming, for example – can help alleviate any physical debility that comes with age.

The study was published on Nov. 20 in the PLOS ONE journal.