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Creative writing is taught throughout your child’s school years and it is both a fun and important part of their education. Creative writing can help grow their imagination as well as improve their English writing and reading skills.

In this guide we shall look at creative writing lesson plans and where you can find them and how you can put them together. Whether you are a teacher or you teach your children from home – this guide will be useful in helping you help your kids improve their creative writing skills.

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What is the Purpose of Creative Writing Lesson Plans?

When teaching a class or your child at home you only have a limited amount of time to teach them as much as you possibly can. By having a lesson plan you can structure your time to teach them everything that you want in a fun and exciting way.

Many children aren’t very keen to learn and it can be very difficult to get them interested and involved in your class. However, the right lesson plan will make them forget that they are learning something and enjoy your class.

Creative writing is meant to be fun and fortunately it is one of the easiest classes to create fun and exciting lesson plans for.

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Where Can You Find Creative Writing Lesson Plans?

These days the internet has become one of most useful resources for almost anything – including creative writing lessons plans! More about Translation Services UK

There are hundreds of websites specifically designed both for teachers and children who are taught at home. They are usually created and maintained by parents and teachers who upload their personal creative writing lesson plans for you to view and download.

Plenty of websites are free however there are some that require you to pay a subscription fee to view their lesson plans. It is up to you whether you think it is worth it or not. If you are after just one lesson plan then it is usually best just to head to the free websites – however if you are looking for lots of lesson plans over the year then some of the pay websites are incredibly helpful and include other teaching tools.

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Types of Creative Writing Lesson Plans

There are all different types of creative writing lessons plans that you can use to facilitate your teaching.

The main aim of creative writing lesson plans is to spark the child’s imagination and give them a starting point for their stories.

Many creative writing lesson plans will use a word prompt method in various different forms that work by either giving the children certain words around which they can write a story or perhaps a different theme or a character. This is one of the best ways to trigger their imagination and help them start the story writing process.

There are also creative writing lesson plans specifically designed to promote team work as well as those that are for individual work. Others may work on both types of learning.