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Bitcoin Cast Program Gives Guests a Unique SLP Token


While Bitcoin Cash has been around for a while, many individuals continue to learn about the new technology. Podcasts and streaming media are two ways people can stay up-to-date with cryptocurrency news and learn about Bitcoin Cash’s (BCH). The Bitcoin Cast podcast is a BCH-centric show that’s hosted on Youtube. It covers merchant adoption and user adoption in the entire BCH ecosystem. More about Charity Token Homeless


Focusing on Merchant and User Adoption


For those who wish to stay up-to-date on Bitcoin Cash news and get some information about specific aspects of BCH technology, there are many resources and methods available. Streaming media and podcasts can provide great ways for people to absorb this information. They also have shows that make it easy to understand. Some shows on crypto are filled with absurd price predictions and hosts who don’t care about user adoption. Bitcoin Cast Youtube show hosted by BCH advocates Christian and Tao Jones, is an exception to the norm. Every episode of Bitcoin Cast begins with an intro that states, “Unlike other shows. We are not here for the price. Join us as we cover more merchant adoption and user adoption of Bitcoin.”


BCH-Centric Videocast gives SLP tokens to guests


Bitcoin Cash supporters Tao Jones (left), and Christian (right). From Bitcoin Cast.


News.Bitcoin.com featured a recent episode of Bitcoin Cast. Christian interviewed Oscar Salas, an organizer of the Maracaibo Venezuela BCH Meetup. Bitcoin Cast offers listeners an exclusive perspective on user adoption and merchant adoption in the BCH eco-system as hosts discuss various topics. It features 36 episodes featuring a variety well-known BCH developers, executives and influencers. Jose from Eatbch and Noel Lovisa from Code Valley are among the guests. Ian Freeman of Free Talk Live and Vin Armani, Cointext’s CTO, are also on the program. Bitcoin Cast can also be found on Youtube, Dlive and Cointext CTO Vin Armani. The show hosts believe in the community, and they are regularly thanked on Twitter by their fans and guests.


Bitcoin Cast Launches a Token that Encourages Community Appreciation for Guests.


Bitcoin Cast just revealed that an SLP token was created for the show. This token is only available to previous guests. To reward guests who promote merchant adoption and user adoption, the token was created. Anybody can send the Bitcoin Cast’s guests a BCH payout via Bitcoin.com’s dividend payment calculator. It allows token holders to send BCH payouts and people can also airdrop SLP tokens. Bitcoin Cast shared the following tweet: “All you have to do it is copy the token ID into Bitcoin.com’s SLP dividend calculator.” Christian has also made a tutorial video of 5 minutes about the Bitcoin Cast token SLP. This will help people understand what it is all about. “Thanks for any donations,” the Bitcoin Cast video description says on Youtube.